Father’s Day Gifts

Maybe you have a new Dad at home and he is loving his new role that will last him a lifetime, is he a hands on Dad who loves taking an active role in taking care of your little one?

Times have changed and Dads on the whole are a lot more hands on with day to day childcare duties such as doing bath duty, cooking, getting the children ready and entertaining them to give Mum a bit of a break! They are entitled to paternity leave and although it is not a long as what Mothers get, it is a step in the right direction.

Babies grow at an amazing speed, it’s easy to look back at those first baby photos and stare in amazement at the changes that have taken place. Those little hands and feet never stay little for too long and it’s important to capture those memories so that they are with you forever.

So is your other half an emotional one, especially since becoming a father, does he wear his heart on his sleeve? Well why not treat him to a set of cufflinks featuring the handprints of your child, if you have two children you could have one of each handprint on each cufflink and make it extra special by personalising each cufflink with your child/children’s names.

Does Daddy like to relax in the evening or a the weekend with a bottle of his favourite beer? Well why not get him a gorgeous, personalised bottle opener and have your children’s handprints and names imprinted onto it as a lasting memory.

Maybe Daddy loves to wear chains and would love a handprint dog-tag like this one, again it can be personalised with a name. If you have more that one child, two to three handprints can be added to include your whole clan!

Chunky leather bracelets are the in-trend at the moment for mens jewellery, and this bracelet can include up to three handprints with names or a special message. Dad would be proud showing this off to his mates and family.

How about this identity bracelet that beautifully displays the handprints and names of those that Daddy loves the most.

TLK Keepsake Card

If Dad is not a fan of jewellery then perhaps he would prefer a keyring that can capture the handprints and names of his children or maybe he would prefer this sterling silver wallet card capturing the finest detail of his children’s handprints, something he could see everytime he opened his wallet!

Dads can sometimes get overlooked but it’s important to show them that they are also important and pay a pivotal role in raising children, many of us would be lost without the help and support of our other half and it doesn’t have to just be Dads, maybe there’s a Grandad you couldn’t live without or a fantastic brother or uncle who is always there to lend a helping hand.

Our gifts are extra special as they are handmade, this means that it can take up to two weeks for a single item to be handcrafted so it’s important to get your order in early. For engraved items our deadline is 25th May and all our other items our deadline is 31st May so don’t delay! We are giving all our customer 10% off orders placed by 25th May, simply enter code: DAD10 at the checkout….Father’s Day is on June 18th this year!

Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful, amazing Dads out there! x

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