Unique crafts for Mother’s Day

Unique crafts to engage your kids this Mothers Day

Motherhood is the most fulfilling and satisfying feeling of this world. There is no bond that is stronger than the bond of a mother and child. It is a mother who never gives up on her kids irrespective of their failure or success.

Let us tell the kids importance of Mother’s Day this year. This Mother’s Day spend some time doing crafts with your kids.

Here are some simple yet unique ideas to spend some creative time with your kid.

Design a personalised calendar

This is one of the craft which is useful yet decorative. To start with pick 12 pictures of you with your kids, card sheets in multiple colours, colourful ribbons, calendar loop, punching machine and plastic transparent sheets. You can select the pictures for every month of the calendar and special birthday pictures for all the family birthday and anniversary months. Cut card sheets into neat rectangles, keep the dimensions 12 by 8 inches or increase and decrease the size in the same ratio. Cover the sides of the rectangles with ribbons of the same colour as that of the card sheet. Next paste the picture on one side of the card sheet. Outline the picture with a colourful marker. While pasting picture we will have to make sure that the picture covers only one third of the space on your card sheet. Leave little space and make a table to cover two third of the card sheet. Your table should comprise 7 rows and 7 columns. Fill the dates and days in the table. This will also be a good learning experience for the kids. Write the month on top of the page and protect the page with a plastic transparent sheet. One page of your calendar is ready. Now repeat the process for remaining eleven months. Once all the pages are ready, stack them together and punch holes on the top of the sheet. Run a ribbon through the holes and tie a neat knot. Lastly stick the calendar loop using adhesive and flaunt it on your favourite wall.

Learn shapes while decorating a gift box

It is a good way to introduce shapes to the kids. Take some cube gift boxes and cover the surface area with different shapes made from card sheet. To make the shapes take a bright colour card sheet and cut it into different shapes. Stick these shapes all over the box using a glue stick. Adding some glitter would make our gift box more attractive. So take a sparkle tube and make random shapes on the blank space of the gift box. Let it dry and your personalised gift box is ready.

Try these two ideas and let us know how your gift box and calendar came out to be. For more such creative ideas on simple crafts, click here.

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