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Birthstone Necklaces for Friends

Birthstone Necklaces for Friends

Buying Birthstone Necklaces for friends is the perfect way of showing them how special they are.

A birthstone is a personal gift like no other, it’s a way to celebrate a special birthday in a sentimental way.

Your friend will enjoy such a thoughtful gift that shows you have bought a gift with them in mind.

Which Birthstone Necklace is right for my friend?

Our birthstone necklaces are adorned with dainty, Swarovski crystal charms.

There are twelve charms to choose from, one for each month of the year.

Each charm is faceted, meaning that it is cut in such a way to create a beautiful sparkle.

Measuring 6mm in diameter (less than 1 centimetre) these charms are elegantly minimalistic.

Birthstone Necklaces. 12 Crystal Birthstone Necklaces for each month. There are 12 different coloured crystal charms for each month. Each charm is attached to either a Sterling Silver chain or a 24K Gold-plated chain.

What are the birthstones for each month?

January – Garnet (Deep Red)

February – Amethyst (Purple)

March – Aquamarine (Light blue)

April – Diamond (Clear crystal charm is used to represent this month)

May – Emerald (Deep Green)

June – Alexandrite and Pearl, sometimes Moonstone (Light Amethyst crystal is used to represent this month)

July – Ruby (Deep Red)

August – Peridot (Light/lime Gree)

September – Sapphire (Dark Blue)

October – Opal and Tourmaline (Rose (pink) coloured crystal is used to represent this month)

November – Topaz and Citrine (Deep yellow, ‘Citrine’ crystal is used to represent this month)

December – Turquoise (Green/Blue Crystal)

Layered Necklace Set in Gold or Silver

Does your friend prefer wearing gold or silver jewellery?

Our birthstone necklace charms comes in 24K gold-plated or Sterling Silver.

This means that you can pick the perfect colour your friend would love to wear.

The set consists of two, separate necklaces, one 16 inches and one at 18 inches.

Having two lengths means a layered look can be created by wearing the necklaces together.

Birthstone Charm Necklaces in Sterling Silver and Gold Plated chains. A lovely jewellery, birthday gift for a friend. A double necklace set that comes in a grey gift box.
Who is the type of necklace for?

Someone who is into birthstones, the zodiac, or anything associated each month, will appreciate this range.

Equally, if you know someone who loves to wear jewellery that is an extension of themselves.

As a gift, this necklace set comes presented in a gift box. A jewellery cloth and jewellery care advice is also included.

Choosing birthstone necklaces for friends who mean a lot to you is such a thoughtful gift.

Take a look at our range of Birthstone Necklaces and pick the right one for yourself or someone dear to you.