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Christmas is coming! Gift ideas

True Love Keepsakes Christmas Gifts

So Christmas is not too far away and that Christmas list of gifts to buy for family and friends never get easy. With the internet it’s easier to see a wealth of choices but it can become overwhelming so where do you start? Pinterest is a quick and easy way to see inspiring ideas of what you could buy someone for Christmas, either shop bought or homemade. If you have time on your hands a handmade item could be a memorable gift.

If you want to go down the handmade route, timing is key. Whether you intend to make your own or buy something handmade it needs to be done in good time! Our handmade silver keepsakes take 2-3 weeks to be made and during busier times like Christmas it can take longer so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Buying for children can be a daunting task, they may have been a car fanatic last year and a dinosaur fanatic this year or a Frozen fanatic last year and a Minion fanatic this year! There is always the option of asking the parent outright what they are into or you could take inspiration from a top ten list of toys to buy for Christmas 2015 like this one from made for mums.

Don’t forget, if buying for a parent, the best gift could be one that incorporates their children! Capturing their favourite drawing their child bought home from school, this great company bink! can turn your child’s artwork into anything from jigsaws to gift tags! Happy Christmas Shopping xx