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Creating keepsake jewellery by hand – how it’s done

Creating Keepsake jewellery by hand is something I love being able to do

Each piece of jewellery goes through a careful process that includes a sanding, firing and polishing.
I thought I’d give you a quick run down on how our fingerprint jewellery is created.
First the clay is rolled out until it has a satisfied, flat, smooth surface.

True Love Keepsake tools
Then a heart cutter is used to cut out the desired shape, the fingerprint mould is then pressed into the clay to leave an imprint, one that will be forever unique.
Any handwritten personalisation is then handwritten into the clay and the clay is then left to dry overnight.

True Love Keepsake Clay Personalisation

Next the charm is then sanded using three grains of sanding paper for a smooth finish. It is then fired to burn off the binder to reveal a charm that is 99% pure silver.

True Love Keepsakes Firing Stage
Finally the finished charm is sanded for a final time then polished to reveal the shine and detail before being delivered into the hands of the customer for them to cherish and wear with pride.

True Love Keepsake Fingerprint Charm