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Easy Bakes For Children – Coco pops Cereal Bars

I love recipes that are really easy to achieve with children. Making these Easy Bakes, Coco Pops Cereal Bars means that you’re children will be involved in the majority of the making process.

There is no actual baking involved, only melting of white chocolate over a stove or in the microwave.

My son loves making these, there’s only 3 ingredients; honey, Coco Pops and white chocolate!

It takes no longer that 20-30 minutes to complete, perfect for those young ones and toddlers who just cannot wait to taste their sweet treats!

All three ingredients are still readily available at the supermarket during lockdown. As flour supplies are hit and miss, depending on where you shop, these ingredients mean you can do a last minute, quick baking session with no disappointment!

I’ve written below how we made these simple, tasty cereal bars. If you’re child is not keen on Coco Pops, you could substitute it for their favourite cereal whether it be Frosties, Rice Crispies, Cheerios or other. Also, you could swap honey for golden syrup if you prefer but watch out for the sugar content!

It only takes 20-30 mins to complete! Perfect bake make for small hands

A PDF of this recipe can be downloaded here

Ingredients needed

3 Ingredients, you’ll need;

Coco Pops


1 Large Bar of White Chocolate


Just to note, I used about half the contents of the Coco Pops and using a square baking tin. You could use any type of baking tin you have available, such as a loaf baking tin.

Break the white chocolate into squares, then melt the chocolate over a pot of water using a waterproof bowl or in the microwave. Put the chocolate to one side to cool.

Pour 4 tablespoons of honey into a bowl of Coco Pops and mix, stirring to make sure the mixture is evenly covered.

Tip the contents into a lined baking tray and flatten with the back of a spoon.

Next, pour the white chocolate over the mixture, making sure the mixture is evenly covered.

Use a spoon to scoop and and spread any excess white chocolate over any part of the mixture that isn’t covered.

Finally, leave the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.

When ready, cut into bars or squares and enjoy! (It never stays for long in my house, so make sure you have your fair share!!)

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