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Fingerprint Charm Necklace for Deceased

Losing someone we love is tough, no doubt about it. We often look for ways to keep their memory close to our hearts. One beautiful way to do this is by getting a fingerprint charm necklace imprinted with the unique fingerprint of the deceased. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of having one, how to obtain a fingerprint, and where to order your very own keepsake.

Why Choose a Fingerprint Charm Necklace

When we lose a loved one, it’s natural to want a tangible reminder of them. Fingerprint charm necklaces offer a unique and personal way to remember your special someone.

  • A Personal Connection: Each fingerprint is as unique as the person it belongs to. When you wear a fingerprint charm necklace, you’re carrying a piece of them with you wherever you go.
  • Emotional Comfort: Having that physical connection can provide comfort and solace during difficult times. It’s like of them is right there with you.
  • Customized Keepsake: Fingerprint charm necklaces can be customized with a name or sentimental message to make it even more personal.

How to Obtain a Fingerprint

Getting a fingerprint for your charm necklace is easier than you might think. Here are a few methods you can use:

  • Ink and Paper: This classic method involves gently pressing your loved one’s fingertip onto an ink pad and then onto a piece of paper. Be sure to use a gentle touch to avoid smudging.
  • Fingerprint Jewelry Kit: Many jewelry companies, including us, offer kits that include all the materials you need to take a clear fingerprint. These kits are designed to be user-friendly and often include instructions. You can order yours here.
  • Funeral Home Services: Some funeral homes offer fingerprinting services as part of their memorial packages. Check with your chosen provider to see if this option is available. If you intend to order a kit from us, we can send it directly to the Funeral Directors, just add their full address details at the checkout. Please add the name of the deceased the notes on checkout.
fingerprint charm and kit showing how the kit can be used to make a fingerprint mould which is then used to create a silver fingerprint charm for someone to cherish and wear.

Ordering Your Fingerprint Charm Necklace

Now that you have the fingerprint, it’s time to order your charm necklace. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take a look at our range of Fingerprint Charms. All can be personalised with a name. A message can also be inscribed on the reverse if the charm is large enough. Most of our customers choose a large charm to fit the fingerprint of an adult.

2. Browse through their selection of fingerprint charm necklaces and choose a design that resonates with you. Consider any additional customizations you want.

3. Provide the Fingerprint: If you already have a copy of the fingerprint, you’ll need to send it to us. Please get in touch first to organise this.

4. Review and Approve: Before your necklace is crafted, we’ll double-check your requirements before we begin making your charm.

5. Wait for Delivery: Once you’ve given the green light, we’ll create your unique piece. Shipping times may vary, so be patient while you wait for your special necklace to arrive.

Honoring Their Memory, One Touch at a Time

A fingerprint charm necklace of a much loved deceased person isn’t just jewellery; it’s a symbol of love, remembrance, and a connection that transcends time and space. By taking a unique fingerprint and turning it into a beautiful piece of jewellery, you’re creating a lasting tribute to your loved one that you can cherish forever.

So, if you’re looking for a heartfelt way to keep a piece of your dearly departed close to your heart, consider getting a fingerprint charm necklace. It’s a touching and meaningful choice that allows you to carry their memory with you wherever you go.