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How To Preserve A Memory When Losing A Pet

Losing a beloved pet, whether a cat or dog is one of the hardest things to go through.

Sometimes that loss is sudden, due to ill health or an accident. The thought of no longer seeing them is heartbreaking.

My Own Experience – Losing Miffy

In 2018 I lost my cat, Miffy. It was all very sudden having not seeing him for a few days. That worry started to set in as the New Year was fast approaching and I wanted him home. He’d gone for a few days before and just turned up to get his food in the evening. This time, it just felt different.

I checked online lost pet sites and checked with local vets but no luck. Unfortunately, I had to see with my very own eyes. He was laid out on my high road, he had been knocked down and it’s a sight I’ll never forget.

It hurt so bad to know he was in pain and none of his family was with him. To see that where his body was found, it was clear he was trying to make his way back home. It was a very sad time for us all.

I never got to say goodbye or stroke him one last time and it hit all of us really hard. At home, we still had all his things and it took a long time to let go of his belongings.

Ways of Coping – Keeping A Memory Alive

Over the years, since making keepsake jewellery, I have come to understand the great job Veterinary clinics do.

There are many that will take an imprint of a pet that has lost it’s life. Some Vets will take a paint impression – a paw print captured on paper using paint. Furthermore, some have the means to take a simple clay impression for you to cherish. Others have an Inkless Wipe Kit that’s quick and easy for taking a print and easily framed afterwards.

It’s a case of asking to see if they provide this kind of service. If not, ask if it’s possible for them to do so just so they can preserve a memory for you.

Having an imprint of your pet’s paw is one way of remembering them and coping with the grief.

A cat or dog is more than just a pet, they are a big part of the family. They bring years of happiness and joy to their humans.

Pet Keepsakes To Cherish

It takes many months, if not years to get used to not having your pet around. Learning to cope take’s time and it’s a new adjustment for all the family. Do you love wearing jewellery? Their paw print captured on a charm to wear could be perfect for you.

Putting up photos of them around the house, when you’re mentally ready is a great way of remembering their life.

Other ways you can preserve a memory of your pet.
  1. Have a Pet Portrait completed either digital or drawn by hand.
  2. Their name, date of birth printed and framed.
  3. Have a poem or quote (like the one below) printed and framed with their picture.
  4. Your Dog’s lead and photo put into a deep framed box and displayed.
  5. Capture piece of their fur in a locket or preserved in a resin charm for you to wear.

If you’d like to find more ideas for Pet Keepsakes, visit my Pinterest Paw Print Keepsake Board, there are lots of ideas!

I’ve always loved this quote and think it sums up the magnitude of love our pets create in our lives.

To find out how to order a Memorial Keepsake including taking your pet’s prints, you can read more here. In addition, learning how a Paw Print ring is made, can be found here.