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Lego Discovery Centre Birmingham

We spent the day out for my son’s 8th birthday at Lego Discovery Centre in Birmingham. It’s an indoor centre as opposed to the outdoor Lego Land we’re all familiar with. The venue is aimed at children aged 3 – 10 years.

Having purchased a combo ticket that included an Entry pass to the Sea-Life Centre just over the road, I went online to the Lego Combi Ticket page to book my timed slot. Now I kept on going back to re-adjust the time as my son had his usual swimming lesson so I wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss out.

I made more than three changes for the time to arrive as we couldn’t agree on a time to get there. Consquently, a warning flashed up, alerting me that this was the last time I could change the time – so be warned!

Having booked an early afternoon slot for 11 o’clock. We arrived about 15 minutes ahead of time and joined a queue specifically for pre-booked tickets. We were lucky to walk straight pass a long queue of people buying tickets on the day. There was no-one in front of us and we walked straight in!

Entering the centre – what to expect

We were immediately led to a long bench and prompted to pose for photos standing next to some Lego models. The first opportunity to encourage you to buy that all important family photo! It was very light-hearted and no hard sell (we did buy it in the end, they did a combi deal which was 2 photos for £12.)

The whole experience is underground, meaning you have to go into a lift to take you to the discovery centre.

As you exit the lift you’ll arrive at the first of two rides. There’s a train like short ride called Kingdom Quest which takes you through a short ride mission to free a captured princess. To Save the princess, have these toy pistols to zap the baddies and objects which consists of spiders, skeletons and rock men.

The ride it’s pauses towards the end so that you can again pose for a photo. As a result, when you exit you’ll see a kiosk that will have your photos to purchase if you should want to.

Miniature Lego City of Birmingham

The path then leads to the bit I found most fascinating! The Model village of Birmingham and the surrounding landmarks across the West Midlands.

I could have spent ages looking at all the tiny details from the stream and boats of the canal infront of the mailbox and cube to the rock stage and moving, guitar playing lego men at the arena. There were also intricate models of Warwick Castle, Grand Central, The Botanical Gardens, Aston Villa and the Bullring Ring.

Other attractions at the Discovery Centre

Everything is included in the entrance fee. Meaning depending on the age of your child you can spend a good few hours entertaining them there.

After the miniature city, You’re lead out to the main play area consisting of a small soft play area andcreative classrooms. Workshops on how to build specific items are held there and classes run throughout the day.

Included in the price is a short 4D Lego Movie in their auditorium lasts for 20-30 minutes. There are various show times throughout the day and it works on a first come, first serve basis. You queue to get into the auditorium. My advice is to look at the show times (infront of the autditorium) and plan your time there around this. It’s a great activity to do and prepare to get a little wet!!

A digital play area where children can build Lego pieces and create a short animation. Another fair-ground ride called Merlin’s Apprentice is towards the back of the floor. Duplo and lego play stations and pits are dotted around the area. Finally, a coffee shop, serving hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, pastries and snacks sits in the middle of the room

I saw many families eating their own food in the cafe area, there wasn’t any signs or objections from staff. On the café page, it does state that people are not permitted to bring in their own food. However, on the FAQs Page it states that if you have an allergy, you can bring your own food in.

Book tickets online to save money

Have unlimted visits and save money with a Merlin annual pass. Included in the price is entry to visit the Sea-Life Centre situated over the other side of the canal. Keep checking Money Saving Expert for up to Merlin pass deals and discounts.

Booking online will save you money as opposed to buying tickets on the door. Buy a Combi Ticket online for £25 (£30 on the door) and get access to Lego Discovery Centre and the Sea Life Centre. Your combi ticket is valid for up to 3 months so you don’t have to visit both on the same day.

One adult and toddler ticket costs £14 when buying online. The ticket includes admission for 1 Adult and 1 child (5 years and under.)

Book Group bookings of 10 or more online, great for family reunions and birthdays. There are no specific party packages or private rooms and your guests would have to buy from the Café as there are no specific foods for parties.

Before you go

Check online for updates and visit the Events Page to see what’s happening ahead of your trip. Special events take place during the school holidays or busier times of the year such as Easter or Christmas.

For instant up to date news, don’t forget to visit the centre’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Have fun and let us know now how the experience was for you in the comments.

Loretta x