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March Meet The Maker 2018

Yay! I’m very proud of myself to say the very least! I have completed all 31 days of March Meet The Maker 2018 Instagram challenge and I am really pleased that I kept at it!! Last year I was not aware of the challenge at all (I don’t know how I missed it!) and only became aware of it as I began to use Instagram and saw all the lovely images and posts by crafters and small business owners like myself. I was kicking myself for not being part of it and vowed to not miss it this year.

Roll on 2018 and I started in full earnest at the end of February, I downloaded the challenge sheet from Joanne Hawker’s (she’s the founder of the fab challenge and also owns her own company Joanne Hawker Design and Illustration) and began thinking about what pictures to include for my posts. By March the 1st I had scheduled seven days worth of Instagram/Facebook Posts and was feeling totally organised! Some of the challenges I found very difficult as I’d never used such things as Boomerang on Instagram and wasn’t familiar on how to create an Insta Story. Anyhow I did both and was chuffed with the response I got. My following on Instagram has increased which is brilliant and I can’t wait to take part in next years challenge.


If you want to see how I got on then do pop over to my Instagram page @truelovekeepsakes or look for the hastags #truelovekeepsakes #marchmeetthemaker2018 where you’ll find my posts and others, it’s very inspiring looking at other peoples work plus you might find another maker to follow and buy from x