Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery

memorial fingerprint jewellery
Fingerprint Charm

It’s the hardest thing to say goodbye to someone you love. Our Memorial Fingerprint Jewellery range means that you can keep a part of your loved one with you forever.

Capturing your loved one’s fingerprint using our Fingerprint Kit means we can create a stunning piece of memorial jewellery for you to wear and treasure.

The Process – Taking your fingerprints

After placing your order for a kit, your fingerprint kit will be sent to the Funeral Director. Many are well versed in taking fingerprints for the purpose of memorial jewellery. In addition, We’ll include detailed instructions to make the process easy.

Together with your contact details, your Funeral Directors will then send back the prints to me using the form and pre-paid envelope I provide.

A Fingerprint Kit can be ordered here. Furthermore, all kits are sent out by First Class post. If possible, we’ll post you kit sooner but this will incur an extra charge. Therefore, please contact us before placing your order by sending an email.

Things to consider with memorial prints

Fingerprints taken under these circumstances may look considerably different due to things like rigor mortis setting in. The actual ‘look’ of the fingerprint will depend on the time the prints were taken from when your loved one passed away.

Quite often there is ‘dappling’ or a ‘wrinkled’ look to the fingerprints but the unique lines of the fingerprint will still be visible and can be used to create a sentimental keepsake for you to wear.

The prints taken, with all its details will be captured onto a piece of Pure Silver Jewellery. As a result, the Fingerprint Mould taken captures ‘a moment in time’ and cannot be ‘enhanced.’

We create Memorial Jewellery for all members of the family using the same fingerprint moulds. This is beacuse the moulds can be used multiple times to create a piece of jewellery for relatives and friends.

Jewellery Options

Take a look at our Fingerprint Jewellery Range to view the kind of keepsake jewellery we can offer you. There is no time limit on when you need to use the moulds. As long as they are stored in a cool, dry place, they will be fine to use when you are ready.

For women, we create necklaces, bracelets and charms. Here is our Charm Shape and Size Guide to give you an idea of the style options available.

For men, we create bracelets, dog-tags, necklaces and cufflinks.

We also create keyrings but bear in mind, due to the delicate quality of Pure Silver, we advise you not to use it as a regular keyring and instead keep it as a keepsake.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at

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