3 Hearts Silver Gold and Rose Gold Necklace



This 3 Hearts Silver Gold and Rose Gold Necklace is a gorgeous gift for a Mother of 3 Children.


A Mum who adores her children and is thinking about them all the time will love this necklace. A special way of showing the love she has for all 3 children.


Personalise each charm with the name of each child to make for a truly sentimental necklace.


Add a name to each charm using a maximum of 12 letters.


The Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated heart charms come attached to an elegant 18 inch chain.


Presented in a lovely gift box, ready for gifting.


Please Note: This is NOT a handmade product.



  • Heart Charms: x1 Steriling Silver, x1 Gold Plated, x1 Rose Gold Plated
  • Necklace: Sterling Silver (18 Inches)


Additional Information

  • Turnaround times: 3-5 days
  • Free UK Delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add The Personalisation Information I need on each charm?

  • When you place an order, I’ll contact you to confirm your personalisation requirements.

Can I Add An Additional Charm(s)?

  • No, the three charms come as a set piece.



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