Heart Engraved Leather Bracelet




This stunning, engraved heart bracelet attached to a soft leather bracelet is the perfect way to have a piece of your loved ones close to you at all times. Your child’s cute handprints or footprints can be engraved onto this heart charm with their name or a special date, or if you have two children, why not have one hand/footprint from each with their names engraved?Choose from the options below, there are up to three options available.

ID Tag and Clasp:               Stainless steel
Bracelet:                             Nappa leather

Colour of leather: Black

Size: 19 inch (non-adjustable)

Additional information


One Child: Hand OR footprint on front with accompanying name and/or date, One Child: Hand AND footprint on front with accompanying name and/or date, Two hand OR footprints on front with accompanying names


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