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Fingerprint Charm Chain
family birthstone necklace for mum
Hand and Footprint Charm

Paw Print Bracelet

Engraved Keepsakes offer an alternative to our Pure Silver range. If you’d like to capture a handprint/footprint, doodle, writing, or pawprint onto a keyring, wallet card, bracelet and more than this range is for you!

handprint footprint engraved keyring
pretty blue bead crystal necklace and earring set

Losing someone you love is heartbreaking. Capturing a memory of a loved way is a beautiful way of remembering them. Having their unique fingerprint imprinted onto a precious piece of jewellery, means you get to keep a part of them close to you at all times. See below to learn about the service I can provide. If you’ve lost someone, please rest assure that the loss will be dealt with sensitively.

I’ll be taking part in online markets throughout the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to browse and buy gifts whilst at home. In addition, it’s great for discovering new, independent businesses here in the UK.