Emerald May Birthstone Silver



A Dainty Emerald May Birthstone Silver Necklace.

This double necklace set’s main feature is the minimalist, Emerald Crystal charm.

The charm is faceted to create a lovely sparkle.

Emerald is a rich green colour and is the Birthstone for May.


Two sterling silver necklaces Complete Birthstone Piece

This necklace set consists of two separate chains, both made from Sterling Silver.

A diamond-cut belcher chain carries the emerald crystal charm and measures at 18 inches.

At 18-inch, longer necklace, sits just BELOW the collarbone.

This chain, with delicate, diamond-cut belcher links, is a gorgeous chain to wear.

It has a beautiful shine and elegant look.

The second chain, known as a ‘Satellite’ chain, measures at 16 inches.

At 16 inches, this shorter necklace sits just ABOVE the collarbone.

This too is a beautiful, delicate chain consisting of tiny, spheres that adorn the necklace.

Wear the necklaces separately or as an on-trend, layered look.


Crystal Birthstone for May

Emerald is a deep, rich colour that has long been associated with luxury.

In ancient times, it was a symbol of wealth.

Emerald is said to represent the heart chakra.

It is said to promote Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

This understated, Swarovski charm, measures at 6mm in diameter.

The charm necklace is perfect wear for day and night.


Who is this necklace for?

If you are looking for a gift for a Gemini or Taurus birthday, then this is the perfect find.

Anyone who appreciates jewellery that repsents them, will love this set.

Someone who loves the Zodiac is into birthstone and birth flowers, will adore this piece.

Finally, someone who is a fan of green will appreciate this jewellery piece.


May Emerald Birthstone Necklace is available in 24K Gold-Plated.

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This necklace set is perfect for gifting as it comes presented in a lovely, grey gift box.

Standard, UK delivery is included with your order.

Turnaround time is 1-3 working days.


Materials and Size:

Emerald Crystal Charm: Swarovski Crystal

Size of Charm: 6mm in diameter (Smaller than 1cm)

Bezel (fitting that holds the charm): Silver Plated.


18-inch, Diamond-cut, Belcher Chain: Sterling Silver

16-inch, Satellite Chain: Sterling Silver.