Garnet January Birthstone Necklace Gold



A Garnet, crystal charm, January birthstone necklace in gold.

24K gold plated layered necklace set consisting of two separate necklaces.

One necklace, a cable necklace, measures at 18-inches and sits just below the collarbone.

The second necklace, known as a ‘Satellite’ necklace due to the small balls that feature on the chain, measures at 16-inches.


Wear the necklaces together to create a modern, layered look.

Alternatively, wear the necklaces separately for a more minimalist look.


Garnet is a deep red colour and is the birthstone for January. The dainty, sparkly, Garnet Swarovski crystal, adorns the longer, 18-inch cable chain.

This January, birthstone set comes presented in a gift box.


Birthstone for January

Janunary’s Birthstone is Garnet, a deep red colour.

Garnet is said to symbolise, ‘Balance, Protection and Strength.’

Your double, necklace set comes presented in a grey gift box.


Who is this necklace for?

This necklace set would be a lovely gift for somebody celebrating their birthday in January.

This is a lovely garnet birthstone gift for a friend or relative.

Anyone who likes to wear, dainty, gold necklaces will also appreciate this set.

Furthermore, those who like red/garnet and are into birthstones, the zodiac etc will love this gift.


Turnaround time: 

3-5 working days with free UK delivery.


Charm: Crystal & Gold plated

Necklaces: Both are made from 24K gold-plated chains.


Crystal Charm: 6mm in diameter.

Diamond-cut, belcher chain: 18 inches

Satellite chain: 16 inches.




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