Teal Crystal Bead Earrings and Necklace Set



Teal Crystal Bead Earrings and Necklace Set

This is a gorgeous set of crystal blue earrings and pendant necklace to wear for a little bit of sparkle.

These blue beads, geometrically shaped give a subtle twinkle when worn. The crystal beads are translucent and depending on the light will turn from a teal blue to a dark rich blue hue.


These pretty beads are attached to a set of gold-plated earrings. The single bead pendant is attached to an elegant, gold-plated trace train, 18 inches long.


The length of the necklace, being at 18 inches, means it sits beautifully just below the collar bone.

Both the earrings and necklace beads are wire-wrapped with delicate, gold-plated wire.


The overall look of this set is one of sophistication and will complement any outfit for day or night.


You have the option to buy the earrings and necklace separately or as a set.

***Save over £5 by buying the earrings and necklace as a set*** Please choose from the options when ordering.


This set comes gift-wrapped in pretty tissue paper, attached to a necklace and earring holder. Should you wish to add a note and send it straight to the recipient, please leave details in the notes section when ordering.

This order includes free UK delivery.


Materials and Dimensions

Wire-hook earrings: Gold plated (approximately 1cm drop from earlobe)

Trace chain: 18inches (if you’d like 16 inches, please leave a note when placing your order)

Wire-wrapping: Gold plated.

Crystal bead type: Rondelle – Indicolite (10mm)

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