Summer Sale 2017!

This is the first Summer Sale we have done and there are huge savings to be had. If you’re wondering what to get a new Mum for her first Christmas with her newborn then a keepsake capturing her child’s precious, tiny hands or feet would be the perfect gift. She may already be noticing those small but quick changes in her gorgeous baby, before long her baby will be  will be a walking toddler! It’s so important to capture those moments, those details that can’t be frozen in time but can be preserved for a lifetime. A stunning bracelet or chain will be a memorable gift that will make any Mum beam with pride and make their heart swell knowing that those early memories have been captured and will be with her forever.


The lead-up to Christmas can be an expensive one, so have a look early at the perfect gifts for family members and plan ahead. Buying a keepsake from us means that you will be giving a unique, handmade, bespoke gift to a loved-one, a truly thoughtful gift that has been made specially for them. We not only provide keepsakes for new Mums but for all the family! We create gifts such as cufflinks, chains and tie slides for Dads…and before we forget, we can capture the fingerprints, footprints or handprints of anyone of any age, from babies, to teenagers, to grandparents! Our method involves shrinking any sized print to fit perfectly on your chosen charm.

Lastly, all our items are beautifully gift-boxed and come with a free polishing pad to keep your keepsake looking shiny and pristine! Our keepsakes come with a free printing kit with full instructions for taking your loved ones hands, feet, or fingerprints and all this is done with Free UK Delivery so be sure to visit our Summer Sale Shop before it ends on 31st August!

See our Charm Shape and Size Guide page and How To Order, it’s a smooth process and you can always place an order by Contacting Us x

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