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Mum Necklaces for Mother’s Day

personalised mum necklaces for mothers day

Buying a necklace for Mum is a special way to show your love on Mother’s Day.

We have a lovely range that can be personalised in different ways so there’s something for everyone.

A special Mum Necklace means that a Mum has something she can enjoy beyond Mother’s Day.

mum necklaces for mothers day

Family Birthstone Necklace

Our most recent addition to personalised necklaces is our birthday, charm necklaces.

For each month of the year, there are 12 coloured, Swarovski charms to choose from.

Create your family birthstone necklace by choosing the charms to represent the birthday’s of your family.

The charms come attached to a 24K gold plated cable chain. In addition, you get to choose your length of chain from the options available.

Your personalised chain comes presented in a gift box and includes free, UK delivery.

Handprint Charm imprinted with the actual handprint of a your child

Did you know you can capture the handprint of your child onto a piece of jewellery?

Using a safe inkless wipe and special printing paper, you can capture the true details of your child’s handprint.

Handprints of children, no matter how small can be captured this way.

The unique lines and shape of their fingers will then be imprinted onto a pure silver charm. This charm is then attached to a chain for you to wear with pride.

To make the charm extra special, personalise it with the name of your child on the front. Depending on the options you choose, you can personalise the charm further by adding a short message or date on the reverse.

Your charm comes gift boxed so is the perfect present for a Mum.

Fingerprint Heart Charm Chain

Fingerprints are as unique as the individual they belong to. Capturing your child’s fingerprint means you can always have a piece of them close to you at all times.

A fingerprint necklace is a beautiful way of showing who means the most to you.

Again, adding their name to the front makes for a truly customised piece of keepsake jewellery.

A fingerprint kit is sent out with your order, it’s a simple and easy way to capture your loved one’s fingerprint.

To create family necklace for mum, two or three charms can be added to feature the fingerprints of each child.

The fingerprint of anyone, any age can be captured but we advise to wait until your child is at least a year old to take their fingerprint. This is because it can take this long for their fingerprints to fully develop.

Paw Print Charm for a Dog Mum

Not forgetting Mums who’s baby is a four-legged friend with a tail, we capture paw prints onto charms too!

Our best selling charm from the range is this, pure silver Teadrop Paw Print Charm. The charm features the cute paw print of your pet as well as their name on the front.

An inkless paw print kit is sent with your order, with instructions on how to capture your pet’s paws.

Once completed, you can send a photo of the print via email:, Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.

To find out more about how a pawprint is captured to make a charm, read our post here.

Cute handprints/footprint Keepsakes to print and use

There’s something about the handprint and footprints of children that look extremely cute.

A fun way to capture their prints is in the form of these fun pictures (see below.)

10 handprint designs true love keepsakes

Enjoy capturing your child’s hand or footprint and turn it into a fun picture that can be gifted.

Print and frame it as a lasting keepsake to display proudly in the home.

These pictures are available to our subscribers. To get yours, sign up to our newsletter below and get the instant download straight to your inbox.

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Unique and Personalised Gifts for Mother’s Day

mothers day gifts

I’ve compiled a list of unique and personalised gifts to make any Mum smile on the Mother’s Day.

These items are listed in no particular order and can can be bought online, making the process of buying quick and easy.

Gifts for Pregnant Women and New Mums

Pregnancy is such a special and unique time in any women’s life, it’s an experience she’ll never forget.

Keep these precious memories alive by documenting them in a Pregnancy Journal and create a perfect keepsake to share with your child when they’re older.

For instance, a pregnancy journal like the Childhood Memory Journal, from Mama Journals, chronicles the growth and experience of your child from 0-18 years.

Sections in the this journal include:

  • Pregnancy Notes
  • Family Tree
  • First Day At School for Primary and Secondary
  • Family Traditions and Photos
  • Recipes To Pass Down
  • A Letter To Your 18 Year Old
  • Words OF Wisdom.

In addition, these gorgeous journals are bound using Buckram, a hard wearing material, to ensure you can enjoy this journal for years to come.

Unique Gift To Celebrate Breastfeeding Mums

A gift to acknowledge a Mum’s breastfeeding journey are these wonderful, Breastfeeding Milestone Cards from Liquid Gold Mamas GB. Made from durable card these celebrate the rewarding experience of breastfeeding in a fun, quirky way.

breastfeeding milestone card
Breastfeeding Milestone Cards

These humorous and uniquely designed cards for Mum celebrate Mum’s graduation from 1 month ‘Ruby Boobs’ to 12 Months ‘Golden Boobs!!’ Also available as a Deluxe Milestone Pack.

Gifts for Mums Who Love Wall Art

For Mother’s who love to display works of art in the home, a portrait of her child would be the perfect gift.

Little Peach Portraits create amazing, portraits of your child’s unique profile that is instantly recognisable. Choose from different collections such as The Metallic Collection, The Ink Collection and The Colour Collection.

Prices start from £65 for a Single Print from the Colour Collection. Turnaround is about 3-4 weeks. However, to guarantee your portrait arrives in time for Mother’s Day, photos need to be sent and approved by 1st March.

Gifts That Celebrate Family

Surprise Mum with a gift she can proudly display on the mantle or shelf at home.

Created by Annabelle’s Crafts ‘n’ Creations. These Printed Wordsearch Plaques feature the names of your family members displayed within a Wordsearch.

Add your own special message to the acrylic plaque to make for a unique mother’s day gift to enjoy for many years to come.

printed word search plaque
Printed Wordsearch Plaques

Sweet Treats For Mum

The Honeywell Biscuit Co creates beautifully made novelty biscuits for all occasions. Furthermore, Biscuit Gift Sets can be personalised to make for a truly unique gift.

Why not buy a gift set such as the Best Mum/Mama/Grandma Gift Set? It contains hand painted biscuits using edible paint and comes decorated with a touch of 24 carat gold leaf to add a bit of glamour.

Moreover, The Bunch of Biscuit Flowers are hand-iced flower shaped biscuits that come with a speciality tea from We Are Tea. Prices start from £22. A special treat for any Mum who likes her biscuits!

Personalised Jewellery for Mum

Personalised jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank. Here at True Love Keepsakes, we’ve got you covered!

For example, our gorgeous, ready made, charm necklaces start from £19.99. In addition they have a short turnaround time (3-5 days) perfect for any Dad who’s left gift buying to the last minute!

A Mum who loves contemporary jewellery will love this Silver Disk Necklace.

silver disk necklace
Comes With A Special Printed Message

Personalise it with a meaningful message for Mum to proudly wear. This lovely necklace comes with a gift box and a pretty card insert that reads:

MUM  – Thank you for always putting others first, in everything you do, to the kindest, most amazing mum, thank you for just being you.

rose gold plated disk necklace
All Necklaces Include Free Delivery

Alternatively, a Rose Gold Plated Disk Necklace is available and comes in a lovely gift box.

Do you know a sentimental Mum who wears her heart on her sleeve?

For instance, such a Mum would love this Heart Charm Necklace that comes with two extra charms, one pink the other crystal complimenting the main personalised gold (plated) heart charm.

gold plated heart charm necklace
Add A Special Message For Mum

Add the names of her children or add a loving message for her to remember why she is so special. Comes in a beautiful gift box.

Check each link for further details on how to order in time for Mother’s Day!

Each of the products I have selected are from small businesses based in the UK. I love supporting our home grown talent and love showcasing unique products.

Mother’s Day is truly a day of appreciation for all the love and devotion Mum’s give to their children and family each and every day so give her a special gift, made with love.