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Don’t forget the treat in treating yourself

Treating others but not ourselves

What are we like as women? We are hardworking in work and at home, we are devoted to our families and we want the best for all those we love and care about…but what about the treat in treating yourself?

As mothers there is no end to the sacrifices we make, how many times have you gone without to ensure your child’s needs are provided for? As a mother myself I do not think twice when it comes to buying new clothes to ensure my child is clothed appropriately whatever the weather, on the other hand, I will wear what I call a capsule wardrobe to see myself through the season, old shoes will be re-heeled if necessary and I will look at that coat in the wardrobe and ponder whether I can wear it for another winter season, shall I treat myself? Not just yet!


A guilt free way to treating ourselves

We tend to get better at looking out for bargains when we have children to consider, knowing that budget has to stretch further means we’re always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to treat our little ones with toys, clothes, activities and fun days out which soon means we are way down the list of priorities if we ever had the intention of treating ourselves. Mummy blogger, Becky Goddard-Hill, tells us how to find all the best UK sales so we can save even more and maybe move ourselves further up that list!

Mothers shouldn’t feel guilty for treating themselves. We shouldn’t forget to treat ourselves to make ourselves feel happy, to feel a rush of excitement on opening something new just meant for us such as buying a piece of jewellery. A personalised piece of jewellery means it’s just for you, a keepsake piece of jewellery means your treating yourself with your children in mind…a guilt free treat a mother deserves.