Handprint Jewellery

Handprint Jewellery

You can have the actual handprint of your loved one captured onto a piece of jewellery for you to cherish.

Capturing the handprint of any person from babies to adults is possible with the handprint kit provided when you place an order.

One will be sent to you with full instructions for you to capture the precious prints of your loved one.

You can choose a variety of jewellery options such as charms, charm beads to fit onto existing charm bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilia, Thomas Sabo or Links of London. Charms to fit onto an existing necklaces or Charms already attached to a necklace, ready for you to wear.

Handprint Jewellery
Handprint Bead Charm.
Pandora Compatible

Choosing the right Handprint Charm for your needs

To capture one adult handprint and to have a name inscribed on the front, a large would be best.

Capturing the handprint of a baby or young child, a small or medium charm would work best. An inital or short name (no more that 5 letters) can be inscribed on the front.

Handprint Bracelets

A small or medium size charm or charm bead would be perfect for a bracelet. Any size handprint can fit onto such a size although an adult print will be reduced considerably in order to fit. Nonetheless, it will still be a beautiful charm, capturing the unique detail of your loved one.

Choose from a Belcher Bracelet or a Pandora Style Snake Bracelet. If you would like something different, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to source a bracelet to suit your needs.

Handprint Necklaces

Mothers of two or more children will need more than one charm because there’s not enough surface space to fill the handprints. Therefore, Mothers can have a cascading necklace consisting of three charms, one small, medium and large charm.

Each charm will feature the handprint of a child. The smallest charm for the youngest child, medium charm for the 2nd and thus the Large charm for the oldest. Each charm will have your child’s name inscribed on the front. It’s truly an amazing piece of jewelllery that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Handprint Jewellery Options for Men

Dad’s can have their children’s handprints on a pair of Cufflinks, Dog-Tag or a Keyring although we advise you to keep Keyrings as an actual keepsake and not for everyday use due to the more delicate quality of Pure Silver.

In addition to our Pure Silver Keepsakes, We also provide an Engraved range of handprint Leather Bracelets for me as well as Keyrings, Cufflinks and a bottle opener. To view all of our Men’s jewellery and gifts, click here.