Paw Print Kit with Instructions



This kit contains instructions and all you need to capture your pet’s paw prints.

Using an inkless wipe, safe to use on animals, a print is captured onto special paper.


Simply wipe the paw, making sure the entire paw is covered, and press firmly onto the paper.

After a few seconds, the paw print will appear. You can repeat the process to achieve multiple prints.


The prints can be used to create a stunning piece of paw print jewellery. Alternatively, you can simply keep it as a keepsake.


Sending the Paw Print Kit straight to the Vets

If your pet is poorly and it isn’t looking good, we can post the kit straight to the vets.

This way, the vets can capture your pet’s paw print for you to keep. Please add the vet’s address at checkout.

To find out more about ordering a Paw Print Memorial piece, read our blog post.


The kit includes 1 inkless wipe and 1 paper.

If you need to order more, simply select the amount when ordering.


If you intend on placing an order for a piece of Paw Print Jewellery, simply upload the photo to my Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.


How will I know if the prints are good enough to use?

When you send the prints back to me using the method above, I can let you know whether at least one print is good to use.


Have any more questions?

Please contact me via email, Instagram or Facebook.


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