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Inkless Baby Handprint Kit

inkless baby handprint kit safe way to capture baby's handprint using inkless wipe and paper

Having a baby is such a special time, capturing their handprint using inkless our Inkless Baby Handprint Kit is easy to do.

inkless baby handprint kit with handprint

What does the Baby Handprint kit consist of?

The handprint kit consists of an inkless wipe that is safe to use on babies and adults alike.

It is dry to the touch and so perfect for a mess free way of capturing your baby’s handprint.

Included in the kit is an A4 size white paper, specially made to use with the inkless wipe and full instructions for capturing the perfect print.

Capture your baby’s footprint using the inkless wipe

The kit can be used for handprints, footprints or both! The wipe can be used multiple times in one go, depending on the size of your child’s hand and feet.

As you continue to use the wipe, the print will become more faded nevertheless, you should have some good prints to use and cherish.

After taking your child’s prints, you can simply wipe their hands/feet with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

inkless footprint kit for babies and adults capture their actual footprint using safe inkless wipe and special paper

A kit not just for baby handprints!

This inkless baby handprint kit is also great for using on older children and adults. Therefore, it’s a great gift for anyone seeking to capture the prints of someone they dearly love.

Furthermore, if you have a loved one who has recently passed and you wish to capture their prints, we can send a kit straight to the funeral directors. If you’d like to do this, simply add the address of the funeral directors at the checkout. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Top tips for capturing your baby or child’s prints

  • Make sure your child is comfortable, for example, they have just had a feed or have just woken from a nap.
  • Ensure you have help especially for babies
  • Make sure you wipe the entire hands, including fingertips. For feet, ensure you wipe the entire foot, including the toes.
  • For handprints, unravel the baby’s fingers, and press firmly on the paper, hold for a few seconds.
  • For footprints, have the paper on a flat surface, holding the baby upright, press the foot firmly on the paper and hold for a few seconds.
  • These are just some of our tips, our full instructions can be read here.
inkless handprint kit to use to capture the actual handprint of a loved one.
Ordering your baby handprint kit

You can order a full print kit, consisting of 1 inkless wipe and 1 paper for £7 including free UK (mainland) Postage from our online shop.

This print kit works as a lovely gift for a new Mum or Mum to be and can brought in a presentation box, with 1 inkless wipe, 1 paper, full instructions and a 10% off voucher to use on their first order.

How can I use the prints?

The prints act as a lasting keepsake and work beautifully framed with a name, date and other special information. Alternatively, you can use the actual handprint/footprint captured and have it turned into a beautiful piece of, pure silver jewellery.

Our handprint/footprint range, uses your precious prints to make a special piece of keepsake jewellery for you to wear. We do not take your prints, we only need a copy to use to make a special stamp to imprint into silver. You can view our entire range by clicking on the link above or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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